Love Jamila

serendipity travel candle


An exotic blend of ylang ylang, neroli, juniper, patchouli, that celebrates the spark of serendipitous magic that brought us together.

Every time we talk about how we met, we can never really believe it happened – we still feel so very lucky about that little twist of fate! So often, as we got to know each other we would find bizarre little crossovers in our lives, little quirks that we never realised anyone else did until we met each other. This scent is that little spark of magic in a relationship, it’s sweet and romantic, with a sensual undertone. A little bit of love that can be just for you, or to share with someone else – and a reminder from us of just how special you are!

Love Jamila vegan candles are handcrafted in Suffolk using 100% natural creamy rapeseed wax, high quality botanical oils and a cotton-wick.

Ingredients: rapeseed wax, ylang ylang, neroli, juniper, patchouli

10-15 burn hours, 130g (including container)