Earlier this year when Cam was in Lebanon with Help Refugees, she kept hearing people say ‘jameela’. She was a little confused to say the least, thinking her relationship with Jamie had reached such a wide audience! As it turned out ‘jameela’ means beauty in Arabic – and as a name translates as Jamila. 

In Arabic, jameela doesn’t just mean beauty as in good looking; it means a deep inner beauty - the kind of beauty that means you try and help people; you try and show compassion.

This idea stuck with us, and we did our best to keep in mind in our own lives. We definitely don’t always get it right. We aren’t perfect – no one is! But we can try and consistently do a little better, and be a little bit kinder. To ourselves. To others. To the planet.

And we realised perhaps it didn’t need to stop there… and so, Love Jamila was born!

You may have noticed that in our logo ‘Jamila’ is a combination of both our handwriting – it’s Jamie’s ‘J’ and Cam’s ‘amila’ - we like to have our hands in everything, that’s why we’ve started small.

But we are ambitious. We have so many ideas. We want to work on research and development of better ways of doing things – of ways that are friendlier to people and the world.

We want you to care about yourselves. We want you to look after and love yourselves. And we want you to have the choice to be able to do that, while looking out for others at the same time.

We would love you to be part of a new kind of beauty.

We are so thankful for your support, and we want you to feel a part of this movement. We would love to know your feedback so we can keep improving. For you. For everyone.

From the bottom of our hearts,


Love Jamila